Why I’m Learning the Korean Language

Annyeonghaseyo! (Hello), Gamsahamnida! (Thank you) Saranghaeyo! (I love you). Indeed, learning the Korean language is one of the trend today, especially here in the Philippines. As many Filipinos are dreaming to travel the land of Oppas – South Korea, many are eager to learn how to write and speak the Korean language. There are many institutions out there offering korean language course and thousands of online tutorials teaching how to write and speak korean. And I will not exempt myself to those who are trying hard to learn the language.

I have three reasons why I want to learn korean. First, I am an avid fan of korean dramas for almost two decades now and I always wish to watch kdramas even without English subtitle. For me, korean language sounds sweet and pleasant to hear.

Secondly, I find it easier to learn korean compare to any other languages. As a matter of fact, I already learned few korean words just by watching kdramas because it is easy to understand. Hangul (the korean alphabet) consists only of 10 consonants and 14 vowels, making it only of 24 basic letters, which are also easy to read and write. It doesn’t have a lot of characters unlike the Chinese alphabet with thousands of characters.

My last and very special reason why I am learning the korean language is because of my fiancé who is a Korean national. Though he speaks English, I still need to learn the language for our future plans. I even enrolled and studied in a Korean Language Institution here in the country a couple of years ago to better learn the language formally. Eventhough I failed to finish the course for some personal reason, I still continued learning on my own through online and books.

But like just many other skills, if you’ll not going to use it in a regular basis, you’ll eventually forget about it. In my case, since my fiancé is the only person I could speak in korean, I didn’t use the language too often because I have nobody to talk to in korean language at home. So, I easily forget some of what I’ve learned.

And today I suddenly thought of grabbing my korean language books from my shelf and started to have a review. I feel the urge to study again the language and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. After all, I really do love to learn Korean as my third language for my future advantage.