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Latest from the Blog

A Year Ago…

Exactly a year ago when I gave myself a shot in the world of blogging. My ever first blog which I published here was just a piece of draft in which I thought no direction at all. As I’ve always said, I’ll just give myself a try. In the first place, I just want to… Continue reading A Year Ago…

She lifted the Filipino spirit

Despite the different problems happening in the country nowadays like the pandemic and continuous bad weather, an excellent news has arrived few days ago which made the Filipino nation to celebrate. After 97 years since the Philippines participated in the Olympics, Hidilyn Diaz set a record as the first Olympic gold medalist in the weighlifting… Continue reading She lifted the Filipino spirit

Tired of Being Strong

To the people around me like family and friends, I was known as a tough woman, independent enough to deal with every challenges and problems life has to offer. I was one of the hardest to destroy by any kind of storm that has passed. I was the one who can handle any emotional pain… Continue reading Tired of Being Strong

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