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Independence Day

Today, June 12 marks the 123rd Independence Day of the Philippines. It’s an annual national holiday observed in the whole country to commemorate the country’s independence. It was 1898, when the country’s first president proclaimed the Philippines’ independence from the Spaniards after more than 300 years of being colonized. When I was a student, I… Continue reading Independence Day

Feeling Sad For No Reason

Have you ever feel bad or sad for no reason? Being emotional all of a sudden and didn’t know why tears kept falling from your eyes. Like you think you’re being crazy because of unexplainable reason behind those feelings. Or maybe there’s really a reason but you’re just not aware of it. It’s been my… Continue reading Feeling Sad For No Reason

Biting My Tongue

Words that has been said cannot be unsaid. Our tongue is the most powerful weapon ever created. The words utter by our tongue can heal, inspire and motivate people. On the otherhand, it can also destroy reputations and relationships, and even can harm and kill someone. It is mightier than any kind of swords. Words… Continue reading Biting My Tongue

The Missing Hole

I bought an inflatable single couch years ago and I used it only for only a short period of time and just kept it. After years inside the cabinet, I decided to use it again. I inflated it with an air pump and was glad that it’s still good as new. I sit there when… Continue reading The Missing Hole

I Almost Lost My Dog

One of the scariest thing happened to me yesterday. I almost lost my beloved dog Bingo while we were in our afternoon walk. Because of the late sunset, we adjusted the time of going out for walk. It’s already passed 6pm when I took my dog outside because the sun was still up that time.… Continue reading I Almost Lost My Dog

Hello Short Hair!

We all know that hair is the crowning glory of every woman. As many people are saying, the longer the hair, the more attractive a woman is. I always so love having a long hair. Through the years, I grew my hair long because it makes me gain confidence. Also, I can style whatever I… Continue reading Hello Short Hair!


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