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A Good Domino Effect

For once in a long time I was inspired with what I’ve seen in the social media this past few days. Not always as full of bad news and posts, this week my social media feed with a very inspiring deed from some goodhearted netizens. It was all started with a simple act of kindness… Continue reading A Good Domino Effect

Blue is Cool

The calmness color of the sky and the refreshing cool water of the sea makes me feel peaceful and relax. One reason is because they are in color blue. And yes, blue is my favorite color. I don’t know when I started to like this color. As far as I remember I already like anything with… Continue reading Blue is Cool

The Bad Side of Me

Nobody is perfect. I’m not a perfect person just like everyone else. I do have some positive and negative sides in my character. I think that it’s easy to become a bad person rather than to be a good one. We always have a choice. We make mistakes. And we became bad at some point… Continue reading The Bad Side of Me

My Grandpa

Aside from my father, another person whom I always missed and very dear to me is my grandfather in my mother’s side. My Lolo (Filipino term for grandpa) was almost 90 years old when he died more than a decade ago. I was very closed to him like a father since my dad passed away… Continue reading My Grandpa

My True Hero

There is someone in our life that we look up to and considered as our own hero. Someone who made a huge impact in our life and the one who give us inspiration in life. When I was a child I used to see my teachers as my heroes because they were the one who… Continue reading My True Hero

‘Lugaw’ (Rice Porridge) Is Essential

“If food is essential and ‘lugaw’ is food, therefore ‘lugaw’ is essential”. – A viral video of a Grabfood delivery rider attempting to deliver ‘lugaw’ (a local rice porridge) circulating in all social media platforms buzzed the whole Filipino nation in the country last week. The video was about the barangay officials who stopped… Continue reading ‘Lugaw’ (Rice Porridge) Is Essential


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