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My Dog is an ‘Aspin’

Everytime I go outside with my dog for a walk, passer’s by always asked the breed of my dog because of his built and appearance. Well, I proudly answer that he’s an ‘Aspin’ though he’s actually a mixed breed. I just observed that most Filipinos are being obsessed of owning purebred dogs, neglecting and ignoring… Continue reading My Dog is an ‘Aspin’

March 1st in Ph

After the long wait, the Philippines finally receives the first batch of Covid19 Vaccines. 600,000 doses of Sinovac donated by China arrived yesterday. The country is the last in Southeast Asia to receive the vaccine supply. The arrival of the vaccines was escorted and convoyed by military personnel (I don’t understand if it’s a protocol… Continue reading March 1st in Ph


When was the last time you think of her? When was the last time you give her smile? When was the last time you hold her hands? And when was the last time you hug her tight? She almost forgot your warm embrace Your sweet whisper on her ears And the laughter you made on… Continue reading Broken


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