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My Favorite Summer Fruits

The scorching summer heat in the country is likely to remain this month with an average of 38-40 degrees Celcius temperature everyday. The extreme heat really makes you sweat all over, irritated and hydrated. I myself already tried every possible way to cool down my body’s temperature. And one way is to always stay hydrated… Continue reading My Favorite Summer Fruits

Grateful @40th

Today, as another year added to my life, there are too many to be thankful for. The love I received from my family, friends and my fiancé are more than enough to make my day very special. Wishes really do come true. Though I’m still living in the midst of my life, four decades are… Continue reading Grateful @40th


Have you ever experienced being drained just like the battery of your mobile phone? The more you used it the faster the battery runs out. Well, it’s no different in our body. It works like a phone. After being used up all our reserved energy, we ended up drained. I experienced the same these past… Continue reading Recharging…


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