Crossing my Fingers

The gesture of crossed fingers is a superstition commonly use when we want to wish someone the best of luck or if we hope that things will happen in the way we want them to. However, it doesn’t imply to everybody.

In some countries, crossed fingers are considered an obscene gesture. While in some places, it might be offensive or it suggest different meaning. But in the environment where I grew up, crossing fingers is a simple gesture of hope and good luck.

Everytime I crossed my fingers, it means that I hope a certain situation will have a positive outcome. Though doing the gesture doesn’t always give me the best result, it somehow helps me to gain more confidence.

And now, I think I have to cross my fingers again because I hope to receive a good news tomorrow. I went to the hospital for my breast lumps check-up this morning. My gynecologist suspected a multiple lumps in my both breast so I underwent a sonomammogram. I need to return tomorrow for the result and diagnosis.

My mind is preoccupied since I came from the hospital. I tried to be positive but part of me feel anxious. I keep on praying for the good result. I need a bucket of courage to hear what the doctor will say to me tomorrow.

So, I’m crossing my fingers and hope for the best of luck.

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