Overcoming Fear

When I was a kid, being in the dark was the scariest thing to me. My wild and young imaginations create a lot of dark creatures and monsters on my mind. I’ve always wanted to sleep with lights on and with somebody beside me on my both sides. As I closed my eyes every night, I always imagined that someone would pull my feet or someone was on the ceiling staring at me. So I would cover myself with blanket from head to foot, regardless how hot the weather was.

Maybe my fear was because of the people around me who always uses the dark, monsters and ghosts whenever I acted naughty or cried for no reasons before going to bed. I even dreamed about those dark creatures which made me awake in the middle of the night crying. And to get me back to sleep again, my sisters would tell me that if I do not stop crying, the monsters under the bed will eat me whole. That made me sleep again feeling frigthened.

I was very grateful that as I grew older, I didn’t feel traumatized or developed any phobias. I learned that everything I was afraid of were only created by my imaginations. They were all fictional creatures used to scare a kid like me. And none of those really exists in the dark. My perception of being in the dark changed over time. It’s not something to be afraid of.

I learned that there’s more to be scared of in life than the fictional monsters under the bed. And that is the reality of living with fear hiding inside us. Fear of something, fear of someone, fear to fail, fear of love, fear of death or fear to live alone – all of which will brought us in the world of darkness if we let it inhibits our whole being. If we let fear stay in our mind, it will only keep us closer to whatever we afraid of.

To overcome fear is a choice. It is an emotion we feel naturally whenever we anticipate something not good for us. And because it’s our own emotion, we have all the power to take control and conquer our fear. Finding the root cause of what we afraid of is the first step to overcome our fear. Let us face our fears with our own courage and faith or we can use it in our own advantage. After all, it all depends on what we really fears of.

I am proud of myself to overcome most of what I am afraid of in this world and try to live with less worry. And I can sleep more comfortable even in the dark.

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