Memories in a Shoebox

My mom asked me to help her find a missing document in her room yesterday. She was searching for days but no luck in finding. Her room is a bit messy than mine. She loves to keep old things, from cassette player older than me to empty boxes and bottles of perfumes already consumed years ago. There are also a lot of old receipts and papers kept in her five-layer drawer. No doubt, finding a piece of document is like searching for treasure. She remembered seeing it already once but forgot where and which part of her room.

So, I started to rescue. I opened her drawers full of documents, receipts, papers and old pictures. I scanned each of the documents trying my luck to find what my mom were looking for. Unfortunately, the document we are looking for weren’t there. When I opened the last drawer, I was surprised for what I found. There I saw my long lost old shoebox. I was looking for it long time ago and I thought I lost it for good. I took it and removed the dust from the cover.

This shoebox is very important to me because a lot of memories I kept inside it. I called my mom and asked her why my shoebox was inside her drawer, but she didn’t remember and she doesn’t have any idea why it landed in her room. I excitedly open it and one by one I checked if what’s inside is still complete. There, are old pictures I kept, my photo when I was still small, elementary and high school class pictures, a photo of my Dad when he was still alive and a picture of me, my mom and my siblings with my dad inside the coffin behind us.

I kept every memorable pictures inside that shoebox. I also kept inside some letters I received from my mom when I was working abroad, a copy of boarding pass of my first ever flight, a postcard from a friend living abroad, a copy of my first paycheck on my first job, a small diary of mine which I wrote when I was in college and an old greeting card from my first boyfriend. All that memories I hid inside an old shoebox. And even the shoebox itself has sentimental value for me because it was the box of my first sneakers which I bought on my own money.

It took me almost an hour reminiscing the memories of each thing inside my shoebox. I was grateful and happy to find something very valuable to me. It might be simple things, but for me everything inside the shoebox has sentimental value and each has it’s own story to tell. I kept everything back to the shoebox and brought it to my room.

I almost forgot the document my mom asked me to find. I went back to her room and start to search again. After almost two hours, I finally found the document under my mom’s messy bed. Though tired and dirty, I was still very happy to unexpectedly find the memories I kept for long inside a shoebox.

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