Alone but not Lonely

There are certain period in my life in which I want to be with myself alone. I am not an introvert person, in fact I loved being with friends and hanging out with them. I was a socialized person and that was my life before. But I noticed that as I get older, I want to spend being alone as much as possible.

I started to avoid long conversation and I became sensitive to loud sounds and noisy environment. I don’t want to be in crowded places and being surrounded with a lot of people makes me suffocate. I find myself in love being alone inside my room, undisturbed. I read, write or listen to my favorite music or watch my favorite series. And those things makes me happier. I enjoy my own company and comfortable with my own skin.

Sometimes, other people misunderstood me for always being alone. They think that I am a very lonely person because I spend most of the time with myself. What they didn’t understand is that I find at peace whenever I spend time being alone.

Being alone doesn’t mean I am lonely and being with others doesn’t mean I am happy. I can be with a lot of people but feel lonely and I can be alone but feel happy. It’s just a matter of contentment in life. I maybe apart from the company of others but I am not empty because I am satisfied being with myself.

Well, I am physically alone for now, but in time, my other half will fill the space and makes my life the happiest.

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