Paying Tribute After Death

The whole country is in mourning because our former president Benigno Aquino III just died today. His sudden death brought shock to many because he has not shown in the limelight eversince he stepped down from his position five years ago. And then all of a sudden, the news of his death was what the nation received early this morning.

Though I am not his supporter nor very pleased of his governance when he was still the president, I still feel sad and also in shock when I heard the news of his passing. He was still once our country’s leader and also, only a human being. A lot of condolences and tribute were seen all over the news and social media. Many people, most are his supporters, are paying tribute to all his good works, achievements and for being a great leader when he was still alive. They showered him praises for all the great contributions he made for the people and the country.

Reading those positive comments about our former president made me think of many why’s. Why do people pay tribute to a person only after death? Why they didn’t make it while the person was still healthy and alive? Why do people give praises and appreciates all the good things a person did only after he passed away and not while he’s still alive? Why not do these while the person still hear those good words towards him?

Then, I also started to search for the answers on my own questions. Most of the time, we, as a human being has the nature to value things and people only after we lost them. We tend to ignore all the great contributions and the good deeds a person did on his lifetime. What we always find are the faults, the flaws and the negative things about them when they’re still alive. We sometimes forgot or I must say, we ignore their existence because we are busy with our own lives. We are busy collecting negative things about others and get busy comparing this person’s works to others. We also lack of appreciation, even to the smallest act of kindness of a person. We must admit that more often than not, we failed to recognize and acknowledge the presence and value of people around us.

In my own opinion, it’s better to value someone while still alive. Kind words are best heard when your ears are still hearing. Praises for all your great works and good deeds are hundred times better when you experience them while you are still breathing. Life will be more worthy when you experience being appreciated while you are still living. Whether a person is a known personality or just an ordinary individual, we should value his worth while he is still around. I think, paying a tribute to one’s achievements and kindness are best done both when a person is still alive and after death.

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