Long-term Happiness or Short-term Pleasure?

You are about to enjoy your third cup of coffee but suddenly realized that you are only allowed to have not more than two cups a day because of your health issue. But the aroma coming from your newly brewed coffee keeps on inviting you to just forget the don’ts and indulge yourself into it. Having a second thought to whether you would just sip it or not, you have to consider what’s really matters to you. Is it the long-term benefits of having a good health or the short pleasure brought to you by your love of coffee?

Actually it’s just easy to decide because you already know the answer. You have to set aside your cravings to achieve good health. But why having a second thought? Sometimes we tend to choose short-term pleasure just to satisfy ourselves rather than the long-term happiness life has to offer. It is easy for us to decide and choose the one that will bring immediate joy to us without thinking the long-term misery we might experience from choosing it. Oftentimes, we ignore the consequences of our decisions. We opt to think what makes us happy and satisfy in the present time, not considering the sadness or guilt we might feel in the future.

There’s a saying ‘Life is too short so enjoy every moment to the fullest’, and I believe in this. Most of the time, I apply this saying in my everyday life. I sometimes never think of tomorrow or what will happen in the future and only think of what will makes me happy at the moment. After all, having fun is not a sin as long as we know when to stop. It’s not bad to live with life’s simple pleasures as long as there’s a limitation.

Choosing to sip the third cup of coffee might satisfy your cravings and bring you a lot of pleasure once you finish it until the last drop, but will it bring good and long-lasting benefits in your health? Will drinking it makes you truly happy or regretful?

I think, if true happiness is what we are looking for, we should try to start making the right decisions as often as possible. And if we’re torn between making decision left or right, just simply choose the one that’ll bring the most happiness in the long run.

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