True Friends Are Worth Keeping

There are so many people who come and go into our life. Most of them pass through our lives and only few will stay for long. And if it happens that there are some that will stay with us for long, we are one lucky human being on earth.

I am very grateful that I consider myself a lucky one for having true friends for so many years and last until now. They are my college friends. We didn’t graduated at the same time due to some reasons and lead our own lives and career path after college.

Jenny, the smartest among us married early so she didn’t able to finish college. Unfortunately, after ten years of being together, her husband left her for another woman leaving their two children in her custody. Her story is like a movie full of drama and infidelity. And now, she is a single working mom struggling to raise her children alone. Whenever we talked about her family life, she always have regrets not finishing college and marrying a wrong guy.

Then, Pam, a single like me. She has an issue with her mother so she decided to live on her own in a small apartment far from her family. She did graduated college but never practiced teaching professionally. She landed on different jobs and ended jobless for almost a year now due to pandemic. She always complain being unlucky if it comes to her love life and career. Because she’s always into a failed relationship and couldn’t get a permanent job. Her current boyfriend is a jobless single father and has another girlfriend aside from her. But she prefers to stay in their relationship. We sometimes called her a martyr one because of her complicated relationship status.

And here I am, consider myself as the luckiest among us three. Because I experienced having a good career after college and I enjoyed my life as single for years. I have a solid and loving family and most of all, having an almost perfect relationship with my partner.

Everytime we meet and talk about our lives, I couldn’t dare to complain because I think my life is a bit better than theirs. My problems are nothing compare to theirs. So, I just listen to their sentiments and complaints regarding how complicated they are experiencing. We have our own difficulties in life, and there things I am comfortable sharing with them than with my own family. And I think that’s true friends are made for, to listen and to share some secrets in life.

But there are something we have in common – food and our pets. We always cook and eat whenever we get the chance to meet. And after our long conversation about the latest events on each other’s lives, our next topic would be our pets. Yes, we are all pet lovers. They have cats while I have my pet dog. It is our favorite topic to talk to. Whenever we meet, one day always not enough. And I am very happy and grateful for having friends like them in my life who are worth keeping for.

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