Communication in LDR

All kinds of relationship are dependent on communication. And it is the key for a long distance relationship to work out. Communication is more than just talking. It is being able to connect on a deeper level of understanding between couples.

Constant and open conversation between you and your partner is very essential. Committing yourself in a long distance relationship comes with a lot of consequences and challenges. We all know that being in a long distance relationship is much harder than close distance ones.

In my case, constant communication between me and my partner makes our relationship stronger. Talking and chatting every now and then help us to understand how we feel. We are living miles apart but through often communication, we bring ourselves much closer with each other. Through that, we feel the connection between us. It feels like we are not separated by distance. We are always there on each other’s side, not physically but emotionally.

Through our continuous communication,  we are able to express our emotions and listen to each other’s interests. It indeed a big help for our relationship to survive for years, not to mention that we really do love each other.

I believed that communication is equal to relationship itself. When communication end between couple, their relationship will probably end too. And because there’s  a given and justifiable reason why me and my partner are living separately in a very long distance, we both maintain to patiently wait for the time our world meet again.

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