My Recurring Dreams

‘A very familiar place but I don’t know where. There are trees and tall grasses around. A small cabin not too far from where I am standing. I keep on walking to reach the cabin to see what’s inside. But even how I tried to walk fast towards the cabin, the distance is still the same. Instead of getting myself nearer, it seems like the cabin is getting farther from me. So I closed my eyes and run fast along the tall grasses to reach the cabin.’

‘I stopped and when I open my eyes, the cabin is nowhere to seen. It disappear in the thin air. Then a strong wind blown away the leaves of the trees and suddenly the green grasses started to wilt. The sky becomes dark and there’s lightning. I run again but don’t know which direction I will go to. All I know is that I need to hide. It seems that the lightning is following me. But there’s nowhere to hide. I need to find the cabin.’

‘I shouted for help but nobody’s around. Its getting darker and darker. My eyes started to blur. I couldn’t see anything but darkness. I am barefooted and I could feel the pain on my feet, but I ignored the pain. I closed my eyes and keep on running as fast as I could without realizing I reached the end of the cliff. Then I fall and opened my eyes.’

I woke up in the middle of the night so exhausted. It was just a dream. But everything is very clear to me. I remember every details. And the thing is, I dreamed that dream for four or five times already in the last two months. And yes, it’s the same scenario. The place and the cabin in my dream are very familiar to me. It seems like I’ve been there before but I don’t know where and when.

Well, I know that our brain is very mysterious when we are unconscious. We can dream anything and everything and it’s totally a normal activity of our brain when we are sleeping. But part of me still very curious why I dreamed the same dream for many times. Maybe it has something to do with my past or frustration or whatever. And I want to find the meaning of it.

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