My Little Comfort Zone

When I was still working in a very hectic schedule and a day full of stress, the only place that keeps back my entire self is my bedroom – my most favorite part of our house. As I arrived home from work, I walked straight into my room and lay down on my bed, close my eyes and feel the softness of my pillow under my head. Entering my bedroom is like stepping into my comfort zone. It gives me a pleasant feeling, that finally I’m home. And now that I’m working from home, I appreciate more the comfort my bedroom brought into my life.

It’s not too long ago since I got to have my own room. We are six in the family and we have only two rooms at home. I used to shared a room with my two elder sisters and the other room was occupied by my mom, my eldest sister and my younger brother. I do not owned anything personal inside our room, everything was being shared with my sisters. That was our set-up until my college years and one by one, all my sisters and my younger brother got married and built their own family.

Since I was the only one left living with my mom, it was only then that I got the chance to have a room of my own. I remember myself being the happiest that time. When I started to work and earn, I arranged and organized my room little by little. In my own preference, I painted my room with my favorite color, bought my own bed and study table, built my own closet and bought things that would make me comfortable.

I was very grateful because finally, I got something to be called as my own. That’s the reason why I’m very attached to my bedroom until now. I considered it my own little home inside our home. It is the only place I can stay without being bothered by others. The only place I can keep all my personal belongings without being touched by anyone. The place where I can hide all my little secrets. My room has been the silent witness to all my tears and laughter. It’s been my safe haven everytime I feel like I have nowhere to go.  Whenever I’m inside my room, I feel like I’m in a different world, a world where I can be myself, without worrying what the real world thinking about me.

I love everything about my room, except for one. I don’t have a window in my room and no possible way to have one. But it’s very fine with me, one flaw cannot erase my attachment to it. As long as it can provide me comfort and safety, I will cherish my room until the end.

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