Power Outage During Hot Summer Days

Imagine a temperature of 39 to 40 degrees and nothing you can do to cool down yourself because of brownout. Every part of your house is like an oven and going outside is like entering in a much bigger oven. That’s our situation in this past few days. We’re experiencing frequent power outage in times when we badly needed an electric fan and an aircon. Sometimes it takes 2 hours or even 12 to 14 hours without electricity, especially when there’s a broken electrical lines or transformer because of overused and need to repair, or sometimes intentional.

This pandemic where people are only staying indoors, electricity consumption is getting higher than usual, especially this summer. Actually, here in the Philippines, everybody is already used to brownouts or power outage. Rotational brownout always happens in some areas where there is high electricity demand and the power reserves are getting thinner. In some cases, some power sources are being damaged or broken and needed enough time to repair.

It’s really uncomfortable to experience brownout especially during hot days and night time. I can bear being in the dark, but what I cannot take is the too much heat. I feel like I’m in the middle of fire, burning alive. Cold drinking water is not available because the refrigerator is off due to brownout. Even the water coming from the faucet and shower is a bit warm. There’s no electric fan that will give me strong wind. No aircon to cool me down. The sweat coming from my body can fill-up a basin.

All I can do is to grab a piece of cardboard to fan myself. But it’s not enough to make me feel comfortable. And here comes the headache and the burning sensation in the eyes. Resting and sleeping is really hard to get. Sometimes sudden power outage also caused damage to appliances. These situations and feelings are very difficult to handle. Our health is always at risk during this kind of situation. It caused too much inconvenience. But there’s nothing we can do, just to wait for the electrical power to come back.

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