Flooded with Greetings on My Special Day

To greet by someone on your special day probably the most overwhelming you could feel. It isn’t new to me to received a lot of greetings and warm wishes on my birthday every year. There are many who still remember my birthday. Well, my birthdate is something that is very easy to remember, the 1st of May. In some countries, it is a holiday commemorating the International Worker’s Day, or in the Philippines, May 1st is a legal holiday for Labor Day.

No wonder, my birthday is something that isn’t easy to forget. That’s the reason I was flooded with greetings from my family, friends, relatives, colleagues, social media friends and followers and even from my former students. They’ve never missed to greet me on my natal day. Some of them messaged me privately and most of them greeted me on my social media, sending me their warm wishes. Whatever the way, may it be personal, video call, through text messages or private/direct messages, I really appreciate every single greetings and wishes I received. They all made me special on my special day. Somehow, I felt that I am not a nobody.

And this year is my most special birthday so far. Not because I received a surprise party nor a lot of presents, because I didn’t. What my birthday became so special was because of the greeting I received from one of the most important person in my life. It wasn’t just a greeting, it’s more of a simple message full of love. I woke up with a video greeting from my fiancé on the morning of my birthday.

For a long distance relationship like ours, that kind of gesture made my heart flutter. He was the first man who treated me very special, although we are living miles away from each other. I really do appreciate his effort to make me happy even though we’re not together because of the pandemic. He always remind me how special I am. And that made me feel always special. His greeting on my birthday this year was something I will never forget.

Despite of no party and no fancy celebration on my 40th, all the greetings and wishes I recieved are more than enough for me to celebrate. It was one of my happiest birthday so far.

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