End of the Month Reflection

Another month has passed. We are about to face the fifth month of this year. Despite the prayers and effort, the situation in some parts of the globe is getting worse. It’s still difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our situation is still dark as the stormy clouds. While other countries are starting to free themselves in wearing facemask and start to recover from the deadly pandemic, countries like India and the Philippines are still battling and maintained their top rank in the number of covid infected and deaths. It’s so heartbreaking watching from news the hospital scenarios and the mass cremation.

Sometimes, I asked if this is a punishment? But from whom? I don’t think God will let the humankind suffer, because He is full of love. Maybe it’s more of reminder from Him. Some people are very busy in getting rich, the government of each countries are also busy competing for their own development and some of us spend most of our time in our own career. We are being self-centered. Sometimes, we are just praying and talk to God when we need something. We sometimes forgot to ask forgiveness and be thankful for everything we have in this earthly world.

I, myself admit that sometimes I forgot how blessed I am. Being alive and still breathing in this time of pandemic is a huge blessing to be grateful for. There are too many people still lucky being free from the virus, healthy, not lying on the hospital bed and still continue surviving. On the other hand, those who are not fortunate to protect themselves from covid are battling on their lives, some didn’t make it and end up being ashes. Life is indeed unpredictable. One day you are alive and then suddenly you’re gone.

The month of April might not so good for most of us, but it doesn’t end here. We still have chances. Chance to be safe and protect ourselves. Chance to ask forgiveness and to repent from our sins. Chance to wholeheartedly talk with the Lord and ask for guidance. Chance to be thankful and grateful for waking up in the morning, still breathing and able to see the world for another day. I am still very much thankful that I survived this whole month, a real blessing for me. And I do still hope for the next months that will come to be better than the previous.

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