40 Things About My Personality

Three days before my 40th, let me share some things about me. Please bear with me as I reveal 40 things about myself, my personality and attitude.

  1. I easily get along with others, especially those who have lots of sense of humor.
  2. I am a very independent person.
  3. I never let just anyone to know when I feel sad and problematic. If I tell someone, he/she maybe special and very closed to me.
  4. I am very adaptable person and easily get fit into different situation.
  5. I easily cried. Even watching a light drama series or reading a sad post on social media makes me cry.
  6. I rarely seek help from others. I only do when I really needed it badly.
  7. When someone betray my trust, I’ll erase that person in my life, as if we never met ever.
  8. I sometimes procrastinate.
  9. I am a bit hopeless romantic.
  10. I am good in dealing others issues and problems.
  11. I hate loud and broken noises. They irritate my mood.
  12. I easily forget, especially those small details.
  13. Most of the time, I consider others’ concerns rather than myself.
  14. I always find myself in debate, from small to bigger issues.
  15. I prefer to stay at home, watch movies and eat, rather than going out.
  16. I am not into window shopping. As much as possible, I only go to mall when I have something to buy.
  17. I prefer online shopping than going into physical store.
  18. I so love to cook and bake. I easily learned some recipes. Sometimes, I can cook a new recipe only by tasting it.
  19. I hate it when someone borrowed something from me and takes a long time to return.
  20. I can’t stand people who talk nonsense.
  21. I’m an adventurous. I love exploring things and places.
  22. I have a soft heart for dogs.
  23. I rather cry alone than showing to others my weaknesses.
  24. I prefer fastfood than in a fine dine restaurant.
  25. I somtimes easily lose my temper, but still depends on situation and people involve.
  26. I prefer being lonely most of the time.
  27. I love surprises, of course those which are good and happy.
  28. I sometimes daydream.
  29. I love giving things and gifts.
  30. For me, travel is life.
  31. I love to hike.
  32. I am good in keeping secret, especially if it’s not mine.
  33. If someone doesn’t like me, I don’t like that person either.
  34. I believed in karma – what goes around, comes around.
  35. Sometimes, I dislike being told what to do.
  36. I hate people who talk about me behind my back.
  37. I can’t work properly when hungry.
  38. I hate liars, but I believed in white lies.
  39. I love to eat, but I hate gaining weight.
  40. Sometimes, I am stubborn, moody and emotional.

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