I’ve Never Had a Birthday Cake

Four days to go and another year will be added on my age. I’ve never been excited everytime my birthday comes. As I always says, it’s just like an ordinary day of my life that will pass and to be grateful for. I’ve never had a birthday party nor a birthday cake in my entire 39 years of existence.

When I was a child, I always attended a party of my classmates’ or cousins’ birthdays. There were balloons, games, a lot of foods, clowns with tricks and magic and the highlights of the party was singing the happy birthday song for the celebrant and blowing the birthday cake. We, the visitors, handed the gifts, giving our wishes to the birthday girl/boy. And I always had two wishes, one for the celebrant and another wish for myself. Wishing that I also experience the same birthday party like that.

Though I already knew the answer, I still always asked my mom why she didn’t throw a party like that on my birthdays. Her answer was always the same, that we’re not rich to have a party like that and birthdays aren’t too important. It stamped on my mind as a child that celebrating a birthday is only for rich people. So I never expected to have one as I grow up, especially when mom converted to another religion where occasions like birthdays are totally not celebrated. But on the back of my mind, I was still so hopeful that someday, there’s someone who will treat me special on my birthday, even just once, and surprise me with a simple party or a birthday cake.

When I was already working, I got the chance to afford celebrating my birthdays in my own simple way. I usually treat my friends and colleagues to lunch or dinner out or just simply cook for my family at home. But still, there’s no birthday cake. Maybe I’m not the kind of person who is worth to give a cake on birthdays. I could bake or buy a cake on my birthdays, but I never did that. I did buy cakes for others’ birthdays, but not mine. I think it’s still heaven in the feelings when somebody care to bring me a cake on my birthday.

Well, maybe it’s all just a part of my childish thoughts. And I know I’m not the only one experiencing like that. Parties or no parties, even there’s no birthday cakes, I’m still very thankful for my precious life and for all the love I received and continue to receive not only on my birthdays but all the days of my life. And that is more than enough than any birthday cakes in the world.

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