Have you ever experienced being drained just like the battery of your mobile phone? The more you used it the faster the battery runs out. Well, it’s no different in our body. It works like a phone. After being used up all our reserved energy, we ended up drained. I experienced the same these past days, where my energy almost depleted.

After the grassfire incident, which I wrote here in my blog four days ago, I started to feel like an overused phone. Due to that experienced, I overthink, didn’t sleep well and my energy ended up being in its lowest. I got sick – fever, body pain, headache and a feeling I couldn’t even explained. I didn’t have the energy to get up, my eyes didn’t want to open and I lost my appetite. My mind went collaborating with what my body was up to. I couldn’t think straight, my mind even lost its alertness. I was in that situation for three days.

I felt like I have only 1% left from my reserved energy and that I need to recharge, otherwise, I would ended up totally emptied. So I tried my very best to get up and slowly do what I usually do. I walked out with my dog and waited for the sunrise. I did some stretching and took a cold shower for almost an hour. I also tried to get back my appetite.

Now, I started to feel myself again. Though not yet full, I think I started to replenish my body’s energy. The hard part for me is to get a complete night sleep, as it always my problem. I barely fully charged myself because of lack of sleep, that until now I still looking for the best solution. But at least, I slowly regained what I lost and I’m glad that I did. And I’m still in the process of recharging myself, both mind and body.

In my experienced, I realized that there comes a time in our life when we reached the lowest energy of our own battery level to the point we almost emptied ourselves. Just cope from it and recharge. Like a phone, we are really intended for use. We need to function everyday, therefore we need to use our energy to do that. But at the end of the day, we need to rest and recharge ourselves for the next day use.

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