My Random Dreams

Waking up in the middle of the night because of some kind of vivid dreams is one thing I not liked so much. But unfortunately, it always happen to me. Almost every night, I experience having a dream. Sometimes when I woke up, I didn’t have any idea what my dream was all about, all I know is that I’ve dreamed but couldn’t remember it all. And there were also times that I closely recall my dreams, that even days had passed, I could still remember them in detailed very clearly.

There were also nights that my dreams were feel so real, just like an ordinary event in my normal life. Like I was having a conversation with my friends in our favorite hang-out place; I was having a hard time getting a driver’s license; I was walking in a field with my dog; I was eating in the restaurant with my fiancé. I felt those dreams were very real, until I woke up and realized that I was just dreaming.

I also dreamed weird things, like I’m falling, flying, I’m an animal, an actress, a beggar and so on. Sometimes I dreamed with someone who died already, or I’m with a stranger. I think, I already experienced the weirdest things I could ever dreamed of.

My most hated dreams were those that are unfinished. I already felt different emotions in my dream, with intense events and then suddenly, I wake up crying. And that’s it, not finished. I didn’t even know the reason of my tears. What I always do is to try harder to back to sleep and continue the same dream. But of course, it never happened at all. So what happen next in my unfinished dream remained mystery.

Another kind of dreams I always experience was when I heard and see everything that is happening around me while I am sleeping. Even how I tried to get up, I couldn’t move. I am talking but the people around me couldn’t hear me. And then I woke up very tired and realized that it’s just only a dream.

I don’t know why my brain is very active during at night when I am already in the middle of my sleep. Well, I know that it’s only normal having a dream and it’s a part of sleeping. But sometimes it disturbed my sleep a bit too much because I have difficulty going back to sleep once I woke up from dreams.

I read in some articles that dreams are random thoughts and images pulled by our brain from our memories, and that there’s nothing special about them and just normal activities of our brain, but serves a very important function in our well-being. For many, dreams have different meanings. For me, whatever the causes of dreaming and what they really meant are still a mystery only our Creator can fully explained.

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