A Good Domino Effect

For once in a long time I was inspired with what I’ve seen in the social media this past few days. Not always as full of bad news and posts, this week my social media feed with a very inspiring deed from some goodhearted netizens.

It was all started with a simple act of kindness of a young entrepreneur residing in a community in Quezon City where she put up a small bamboo cart containing fresh produce and other food along the road of Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village. She called it Maginhawa Community Pantry, wherein residents, passers by and other people who are in need and don’t have the means to feed themselves and their families can get some food items in the pantry for free.

It all started here: the Maginhawa Community Pantry

On the other hand, people who are willing to donate can drop off whatever food they could afford like rice, vegetables, canned goods and other food items. Everybody is free to donate as much as they can, however, nobody should get more than what they need. In just a few days, this idea had spread wide from the neighboring communities to far provinces where they put up their own Community Pantry inspired by the Maginahawa Community Pantry.

Community Pantries in different areas in the Philippines

And just today, I was surprised that the idea already reached our own community. What a good reason to end the week! The pantry is placed beside our local community church. Volunteers from the church and some residents started the pantry. Items like fresh vegetables, noodles, canned goods, face masks, faceshields, alcohol and other necessities are available in the pantry for free.

Our proudly own Community Pantry

Most donors of these Community Pantries are not rich, they are average people like farmers who donated some of their harvests and fishermen who also donated some of their catch. This initiative only shows that Filipinos can really help each other in times of crisis. With a lot of people who struggle to survive this time of pandemic and barely eat a complete meal in a day, this idea of sharing really helps and can change life.

In less than a week, more and more Community Pantries are being set-up in different areas in the country. More people are sharing their blessings and more are being blessed. Because of the initiative of a generous and kindhearted individual, a good domino effect comes after. I hope that this will continue as most people need this kind of act in this time of crisis.

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