Only Women Can Fully Understand

This morning, I woke up with my monthly struggle. Though my whole body was very heavy, I still need to get up to prepare to go to the market. Due to continuous community quarantine, the residences in our town can only go to wet market by schedule. It happened that our area is scheduled every Monday and Thursday only. Since it’s our schedule day today, I should go despite of my heavy feeling.

It was my first day so the struggles are real. The mixed feelings of being always tired and uncomfortable, mood swings, irritability, pimple breakouts, headache, vomiting, abdominal cramps and even depression. These are only some of the struggles only women can fully understand. Having a PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome before and during monthly period is something serious for women like me. There were times I almost felt like I’m dying slowly and something torturing me inside my body.

For so many years, I experienced having a very difficult period, especially if it came when I least expected, in a wrong time and place. It always ruin my concentration, gives me embarrassment, stressed me out and even makes me sick. Since this thing is just normal for women, of course I need to become used to it. But still, my struggled with PMS is something I need to pay attention.

When I was in my mid 20’s, I went to an OB-Gyne to get treated because my period totally made my life harder. The pain of having an abdominal cramps almost kills me that I couldn’t work properly. Since I didn’t have any serious issues and I have a regular monthly period, the doctor just prescribed me pills and pain reliever. As I entered my 30’s, my PMS seemed to subside a little and I also stopped medication because of some side-effects. However, I still experience the mild to severe pain and other PMS symptoms every month until now.

Most men I know have no idea how women like me suffer from this every month for many years. I remember a colleague told me that we are only acting sick whenever we have period and that the truth is we’re just lazy and wants only to get attention. That’s the most obnoxious comment I ever heard. Some of them understand, but not our full struggles.

Now, I’ll wait again for 3 to 4 days for my body feels back to normal. Despite the pain and the PMS, I still try doing my regular daily activities though not as active as my normal days. Well, I’m a woman and I should live with it.

1 thought on “Only Women Can Fully Understand”

  1. The struggle is so real and I feel your pain too. I struggle with intense symptoms at least a week and a half before my period. My husband has come to accept my emotional state that happens at least once a month. I feel amazing the first 2 weeks after my period and unfortunatly after 2 weeks of being on a “high” its a total come down again.

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