My True Hero

There is someone in our life that we look up to and considered as our own hero. Someone who made a huge impact in our life and the one who give us inspiration in life. When I was a child I used to see my teachers as my heroes because they were the one who teaches me and guide me in my school life, a second parent perhaps. That was what I thought then. Later on, I realized that my teachers are just like any other people I met and passed by in my life and left an impact in my personal growth.

Without a doubt, in my heart, my personal hero is my one and only mother. Obviously, I would not be here alive if it weren’t for her. She’s my favorite person in the world. A hero for me is strong, brave, trustworthy and unselfish. And that qualities belong to my mom. I’ve seen all her hardship just to protect and provide for our family. I witnessed her undeniable sacrifices when the head of our family, my father, died.

My mom’s life as a widowed for decades is not that easy. She took all the responsibilities of both parents, raising us, her five children, alone. Working day and night just to provide for our basic needs. And at the same time doing her role as a mother. She never thought of finding a second life partner nor marrying again because all what she cared for is only us. With all her might, she was able to send us all to school without any help from others. She’s selfless because she puts us first in her life and done everything she could to be the best mother. She raised us as a law-abiding citizens. She even kept us all closed to her. Though all my four siblings have their own family already, my mom always make sure that the ties are still there.

My mother is a very strong woman. She was diagnosed with heart disease for almost a decade now and still fighting for it every single day of her life. She never showed us her sufferings nor a burden to us. Now that I left being single, living alone with my mom made me realized a lot of things. My mom and I don’t have a perfect relationship. We always disagree in many things and get in argument about some petty things because of my moody and stubbornness attitude as well as the generation gap between us. But at the end of the day, we always make up and I know her patience towards me is endless. I sometimes forgot to understand that my mom is also a human with flaws and weaknesses, especially in her age of almost seventy.

I should consider myself lucky because I got the chance to live and be with my mom for long, and hoping for longer years. I always wish that I’ll be like her even just a pinch of her qualities. She’s the best blessings in my life and a precious treasue I always keep in my heart.

My mother is my hero not only because of what she did for me but also for the countless reasons that even in writing I couldn’t express all.

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