Hello April!

It’s the 1st day of April and  many are into their April Fools Day prank, but the fact that we’re already on the fourth month of this year, is indeed not a prank. Time flies really fast. Throwing a practical joke and giving others a laugh on fools day is just normal for everybody. What’s not normal is the fact that we are already on the second year of pandemic.

Though every country is starting to give their citizens a dose of vaccine to fight against covid19 virus, the number of positive cases is continue to increase everyday. It seems like the virus is getting normal to affect everybody’s life.

I know a lot of people are hoping every single day to stop this nightmare. Because I myself is also hoping and praying everyday that what’s happening around the world is only but a bad dream. That one day, when I wake up, everything is already back to normal. But of course, it will not happen for now.

Usually the month of April is the month when most people especially here in the Philippines are taking a break on their favorite beach destination. Plunging in the refreshing water of the sea, enjoying the amazing view of sunset while walking along the seashore. And that, is just another dream again for now.

With the continuous lockdown and travel restrictions, enjoying the summer out of town is still quite impossible. For the second year, summer vacation and travels are still harder to get for many. I’ve never imagine that the situation becomes more serious. When the year 2021 entered, I thought that it would end by the upcoming months. Well, it’s a hell opposite of what I’m hoping for. Everything gets worst as it is.

In my observations, people are getting tired to follow the standard minimum health protocols. Some of them get tired of wearing face mask. Some are already living a normal life, a life like no virus existed around. For some of them, fighting with covid is like a survival of the fittest. And that’s how the situation got worse.

For me, I still hope for the best. It’s just the start of the month and I hope that April will at least still be good for all of us.

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