My Jeju Island Trip (part 2): Spirited Garden and Chocolate Museum

I shared on my last blog my airport experienced upon arriving in Jeju Island. It was indeed one of my unforgettable moment traveling overseas. But at the end, all the hassle I’ve been through overcome by the amazing beauty of the island.

Jeju-do Island which is located in Jeju Province is the largest island in South Korea and the only self-governing province in the country, meaning that it runs under the local inhabitants and not by the politician from the mainland. Jeju is known for its magnificent beaches, volcanic landscape craters and cave-like lava tubes. In fact, the island is the only place in the world with three UNESCO designations – a Biosphere Reserve in 2002, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007 and a Global Geopark in 2010. Aside from that, Jeju island is also one of the favorite shooting location for some korean dramas because of its beautiful landscape, picture-perfect view and romantic atmosphere. No wonder why a lot of travellers are attracted to this island. And I’ll never tired of saying that I was very lucky to visit Jeju Island, and it was really a dream come true for me.

It was summer when I arrived in Jeju so it was hot and humid. But the hot weather didn’t stop me to roam around with my own tourist guide/photographer, my ever supportive fiancé. Here are some of the destinations I personally visited in Jeju.

Spirited Garden

One of the most unique gardens in Jeju, Spirited Garden is a perfect place to relieve stress. This garden is consists of seven small gardens of Bunjae (Korean Bonsai), miniature trees planted in small containers, beautiful ponds with different kinds colorful fishes, artificial waterfalls and stone bridges. Strolling around the garden will refresh your mind and soul and at the same time you’ll learn a lot about Korean garden style. The green and scenic landscapes of the garden makes anyone feel calm and relaxed. You can also enjoy the perfect scenic view of the garden through their three-storey observatory cafe while sipping their home-made roasted coffee. They also serve lunch buffet which focuses on healing and balanced diet, perfect for visitors who are health conscious.

Chocolate Museum

This Chocolate Museum in Jeju is the one and only chocolate museum in Asia and the second largest in the world. It displays a variety of exhibits that describe the history of chocolate and information related to the cultivation, harvesting, processing and marketing of chocolates. There are also chocolate and cacao related items like products and machines collected by the museum’s founder. For kids and kids at heart, there’s a Christmas Room available all year round and a Chocolate Education Area, where kids can learn all about chocolates. And for the real chocolate lovers, you can buy chocolates at the museum shop handmade by professionals who work on their open kitchen which you can freely see behind the glass.

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