My Humble Province of Bulacan

I do really love to travel, especially around my country, the Philippines. As known for many, Philippines has a lot to offer in terms of tourism in different provinces. I’ve already been to some far provinces with wonderful destinations and all of them truly captured my heart. I have been very interested in discovering different places and cultures without giving interest on my own province. I almost forgot that my own province has also a lot of things to offer and amazing tourist destinations to explore.

This past months, I’ve seen many posts and travel blogs about the province of Bulacan. Yes, that’s my province. I have no idea that there are many tourists and travelers got interested to explore the hidden gems of my province.

Bulacan is a province in Central Luzon, just an hour distance from Manila. It is dubbed as “The Getway to the Northern Philippines” because of its strategic location that links Metro Manila to various provinces in Luzon. Its is the first province in the North outside Metro Manila.

Bulacan’s pride is its rich history and culture and the home for many Philippine heroes. It is also honored as one of the eight rays of the sun in the national flag because of the province’s contribution to the country’s independence.

There are many old historical churches found here which truly part of some most significant events in the Philippine history. Though Bulacan does not have beaches, it does have more than hundred beautiful resorts and waterparks best for those wants to beat the heat of the summer with just a short travel from the Metro.

Hidden caves and waterfalls are also some of the nature’s gift to our province which are perfect for those who seek real adventure. For those who loves to trek, there are small mountains which is part of the Sierra Madre Mountain range which are perfect for beginners. Bulacan is also the home of the biggest arena in the country, the Philippine Arena.

There’s still more to discover in this humble province of mine. I admit I was at fault for ignoring what my province can offer. So I decided that I’ll try my very best to explore it more because I am proud Bulakenya.

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