Singapore Tour with Friends (part 1)

Travel is more fun with friends. And I was fortunate to travel with my friends of more than 20 years out of the country. We chose Singapore because two of the rest of our friends are working and residing there for many years. It’s been years that we didn’t see them and because of their busy schedules, they seldom go on vacation back home in the Philippines. So, we planned to fly to Singapore to personally visit them and have our mini-reunion. It’s not that we’re not busy here in the country as we have also our own work. But we really took some leave of absence from our respective jobs just to fulfill our trip.

Singapore is just more than an hour flight from Manila. Though it is the smallest country in Southeast Asia, Singapore’s economy is one of the richest and developed. I was really amazed the first time I set foot on Singapore Changi Airport. Its interior is really one of the best with huge garden, no doubt it’s hailed as the best airport in the world for many years.

Our friend and her Singaporean husband fetched us from the airport and we went straight to their home. We didn’t booked a hotel or any accommodation because we’re going to stay in our friend’s humble residence. Since we arrived late at night, we decided to start our trip the next day early in the morning. Our friend and her husband will be our tourist guides. Our first night was full of chatting and reminiscing our funny high school days and we’re all excited to see each other again.

The next morning was the first day of our tour in Singapore. Our friend brought us to the Botanic Garden where thousands of plant species are planted. It’s really wonderful to observe different flowers, and it was my first time seeing most of it. Our next destination was the Sentosa Island where we had a simple picnic. Then we went straight and walked along to the Clark Quay riverside and dined-in in some authentic Singaporean restaurants.

We spent our second day exploring the Universal Studios Singapore which I really had fun like a child, experiencing rides and adventures. I enjoyed every attractions and shows in the theme park.

In our third day which was our last day, we visited the Gardens by the Bay in Marina Bay district. This is the most relaxing garden I’ve ever seen. The Avatar-like Super trees tower are totally amazing and the view is getting better as the evening approaches. These Supertrees come to life, twinkling in rhythm to a soundtrack. Then we went in the famous Merlion Park and waited for the evening to watch the light and water show in Marina Bay.

Our three days trip in Singapore was just a short but meaningful tour. To experienced such wonderful destinations got more meaningful because of the company of my lovely friends. We indeed achieved our friendship travel goals, and it’s one of a lifetime experienced I’ll treasure for life.

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