Find Peace at The Balinsasayao Twin Lakes

Another pride of the province of Negros Oriental is their Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park. Situated in the town of Sibulan, it takes approximately an hour to get there from the city of Dumaguete. Me and my friends took a passenger jeepney and hired a habal-habal (local motorcycle) to get there.

This natural park is comprises of the twin lakes of Balinsasayao and Lake Danao. These freshwater lakes are two small crater lakes separated by a narrow mountain ridge. There’s a path that will lead you to a trail going to lake Balinsasayao and another trail to Lake Danao. There are also two viewing deck for each lake. Few cottages are available for rent in lake Balinsasayao and there are also boats if you want to tour around the lake. On the other hand, to reach the viewing deck of Lake Danao will take you around 25-30 minutes walk on the trail.

The water in both lakes are clear and it reflects the greenery forest surrounding them. It’s like always morning in this place because you can smell the scent of the early morning dew. The air is cold and very fresh, so relaxing that can wash away all your stress. There are also hundreds of species of forest trees are planted around the lakes, that become the home of different species of birds and many types of wildlife.

There are some activities offered in the twin lakes like boat riding, camping, trekking and kayaking. You don’t need to worry about your hungry stomach because a restaurant and café are available to serve you at the view deck. Bringing your own food is another option as there are picnic areas scattered around.

Spending a day in the Twin Lakes was really not enough for me. I can sit and stare at the lake the whole day without getting bored, feeling the fresh air and satisfy my eyes in the wonderful works of nature. I was so lucky to be able to experienced this kind of nature tripping.

This destination is best recommended to those who really love nature and wants to find a peaceful environment. And I so loved the motto of the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes: “Take nothing but pictures; Kill nothing but time; leave nothing but footprints”.

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