The Enchanting Casaroro Falls

Casaroro Falls is one of the best waterfalls in the province of Negros Oriental which is located in Central Visayas Region in the Philippines. Just more than an hour flight from Manila, you’ll reach the land of the gentle, the city of Dumaguete, which is the capital of the province. My friends and I were able to visit Negros Oriental after our backpacked trip from Siquijor, which I posted recently. We took a ferry from the port of Siquijor and reached Dumaguete city after a roughly 50 minutes of travel.

Our first destination is the town of Valencia, where lies the beautiful Casaroro Falls. To get there, we took a passenger jeepney from Dumaguete to Valencia town proper for almost half an hour then hired a motorcycle called habal-habal and reached the drop-off point of Casaroro in another 20-minute drive. Another 15-20 minutes walking down in more than 300 steps concrete stairway. From the base of the stairway, another 20-30 minutes trek to endure through the rugged and muddy terrain with big boulders in different shapes.

Really a little hard to get, this majestic waterfalls made us sweat all over and not recommended for those fainthearted. After the long walking, occasionally tripping and almost running out of breath, a charming scenery of the waterfall welcomed us. We almost forgot what we’ve gone through because what we saw infront of us relieved all our exhaustion and tiredness. Its all worth it, the effort and time we spent in trekking as well as the bruises we got along the way.

The calmness of the water falling down literally relaxes and soothes your soul. With the height of 100 feet, the cold water plunges in a deep basin and flows down into a stream. It has a narrow cascade but heavy volume of water drops into the basin which makes a loud sound. There are also huge boulders around where you can rest yourself comfortably.

Casaroro falls is one of the best waterfalls I’ve been in the country. Truly its beauty is extraordinary that anyone will definitely fall in its charm. A wonderful nature worth to visit.

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