Valentine’s Day the Filipino Way

February 14 may be an ordinary day in other countries, but not in the Philippines. Today marked as a special day to celebrate love in the country, especially for lovers. Since Filipinos are creative in expressing their affection, they never run out of ideas on how to show their love this Valentine’s day. Pandemic is not a hindrance to celebrate this special love day.

As early as first week of February, a lot of physical and online shops are already preparing to accept order for any kinds of gift ideas. Flowers and chocolates are now become common gift to give their loved ones. There are many crazy bouquet ideas are being offered and sold online to surprise their significant others, friends, colleagues and family. Aside from flower and chocolates, money bouquet is one of the popular and in-demand gift idea that will surely makes anyone who will receive it to have a very big smile on their face. Obviously, it’s more practical than flowers.

A lot of restaurants also offer a safe way to dine-in for those who wants to have a candlelit dinner with their special someone. And for safer option, some choose to stay home and just prepared their own romantic dinner at home.

Another event always happen during Valentine’s day is the proposal thing. The number of wedding proposal is high during this day. Well, it’s really more romantic to propose and to be engage if it is done on Valentine’s day. Some also choose this day to confess their feelings to the person they like, because the chance of accepting their confession is much bigger if it’s done on Valentine’s day.

And no discrimination against singles or those who are not in a romantic relationship, celebrating Valentines are for all walks of life. Whether you’re still finding a partner or waiting for the right person or you just preferred being single, don’t make your Valentine’s day to be lonely. You can still celebrate this day in your own simple way. And take note, to be in love is not only for the opposite sex, it applies for everybody, romantically and unconditionally. And gift giving during Valentine’s day is just a simple gesture of love. There are still more ways to show our love and how we treasure our relationships, more than any material things.

Indeed, love prevails on Valentine’s day and everyday of the year.  

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