The Hidden Paradise of Siquijor

On my last post, I wrote about my experienced in the island province of Siquijor. It was indeed one of my unforgettable local travel because of the mystery covering the island. But that was five years ago. In the recent years, Siquijor rose to fame because of its gorgeous tourist destinations, overcoming its negative reputation. From beaches to diving spot, this island has a lot to offer for those who loves nature, history, adventure and peaceful environment. Here are some of the best places to visit in this mystical paradise:

Cambugahay Falls. This falls is located in the town of Lazi and one of the best tourist spot in Siquijor. It is a tiered level freshwater falls surrounded by a lush rainforest. To reach the jump-off point will take only 5-minute walk on a set of concrete steps. The water is very clear and blue with fascinating ambience. It has a large natural  swimming hole and some man-made structures like bamboo raft and rope swings. This waterfalls is the best in the island that tourists shouldn’t missed when visiting Siquijor.

Salagdoong Beach. Located in the town of Maria, this beach is one of the most popular in Siquijor. It is a government owned beach run by the Provincial Tourism Office of Siquijor. It has white sand and the light blue water here is so clear enough to view different marine creatures underneath. Salagdoong beach is also famous for diving, kayaking and a great place for snorkeling. This beach is open for the public with very affordable entrance fee.

Capilay Spring Park. This is among the well-known spring parks in Siquijor. Situated in the heart of San Juan town plaza, this spring park is open to public where everyone is free to plunge into its refreshing natural spring waters. Its has three chambers: the spring area, the swimming pool and the laundry pool. All the water here is flowing down the nearby bay. There’s also a playground for kids, benches and few huts to rest to.

Old Enchanted Balete Tree. Located in the town of Lazi, this 400-year old tree is considered as the oldest and the biggest in Siquijor.  There’s a natural spring flows right underneath the balete tree, that makes it more mystical because locals there do not know where and why water flows from the tree. The cold spring water is clean and clear which flows down from the tree to a man-made pool with fishes where you can dip your feet for a relaxing foot spa.

Paliton Beach. This beach is known for its white fine sand and pristine waters as well as tall coconut trees along the shores. Some often call this as the ‘mini Boracay of Siquijor’. It has shallow waters where marine creatures can be easily spotted. The best part of this beach is viewing the perfect sunset with a great ambience.

Cantabon Cave. This 800-meter long cave is located in Barangay Cantabon, Siquijor. Limestones and rock formations can be found inside, with mini waterfalls and cold freshwater mini pool. Cantabon cave is best for those who really crave for adventure and challenges.

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