Travel Throwback: Exploring Bohol

The province of Bohol is located in Central Visayas which is an hour and twenty minutes flight from Manila. It is best known for its geological formations – the Chocolate Hills, and home for the world’s smallest primate, the tarsiers. Aside from that, there are still many more to explore in this wonderful paradise.

It was five years ago when me and my colleagues decided to spent our vacation in this island because this is the hometown of one of my friend. From Manila, we booked a flight to Cebu and took a ferry bound to Bohol. Riding a ferry is more enjoyable but a bit nauseous. After two hours in a ferry, we arrived at Tagbilaran port which is the capital city of Bohol. From there we took a jeepney bound to Panglao Island which is our first destination.

Because we were only backpackers, we made our own itinerary. We went straight to Alona beach in Panglao and looked for a cheap accommodation to spend for a night. Panglao beaches are what they so-called the Boracay of Bohol because of its white powdered sand that’s why it’s one of the favorite destination of many local and foreign tourists.

From Alona Beach, we went to the Pungtud Island, or more commonly known to tourists as the Virgin Island. This island is best known for its C-shaped sandbar. The blue water and the white sand is enough to overcome our tiredness from the long travel.

After a day and a night spent in Panglao, we went straight to my friend’s hometown to spent the rest of the days and planned our next destination, which is the famous Chocolate Hills, located in the town of Carmen, Bohol. I’ve only seen the famous Chocolate hills on postcards and books, so the feeling of seeing the hills in person for the first time was really an amazing experience.

We also went to the Tarsier Conservatory Area, the home for the smallest primate in the world- the tarsiers. And then we dined-in in the floating restaurant in Loboc River. We also visited some historical sites and some beautiful attractions found in the province.

There are still more wonderful spots available to explore in this beautiful island. Bohol is indeed one of the best tourist destination anyone shouldn’t missed. I will post on my next blog some of recommended places to visit in Bohol.

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