Understanding Our Dogs

Understanding our dog’s language is pretty much complicated. It takes time, effort and miles of patience to really fully understand what they want to tell us. We must not forget that our lovely furbabies are dogs, they aren’t like us, they can’t speak. They convey whatever they want to tell us through gestures and barking.

We, their humans, are the ones who need to learn their language and behaviors. That is why, a thorough research in raising a dog is very important before deciding taking a pet dog in our home. In my case, I really made a lot of readings and research how to fully understand my dog’s behavior and language.

Here are some of our dog behaviors and what they mean:

Barking and howling. It is just a normal behavior in dogs to bark, but they bark for so many different reasons. Sometimes dogs bark to communicate to their humans and to express themselves and it is also their way of communicating to other dogs. They also bark when they senses danger. And sometimes they howl when they hear other dogs howling or when they hear noises like siren or ambulance. Sometimes they also bark when they see people for the first time.

Digging. Dogs usually dig because they are just bored or anxious. Sometimes they dig to hide some important possession like toys or a piece of bone from other dogs. They may also dig when the weather is hot to find a cooler spot to lie down in.

Eating grass. There are variety of reasons dogs eat grass. Sometimes they eat grass to fulfill the unmet specific nutrients in their diet. Another reason is to induce vomiting if they feel unwell, to improve their digestions and to treat intestinal worms.

Panting. Dogs do not sweat the way humans do so they pant to cool themselves off. It is their way to regulate their temperature and to circulate cool air through their bodies. So its just normal for dogs to pant especially when they are hot, excited or energetic.

Staring. Dogs stare to their owner to show and express their affection. They either want our attention or they are reading our body language. It may also a sign that they are confused or they want something from us.

Wagging their tails. Tail wagging in dogs is one of the primarily communication methods to both other dogs and humans. Dogs wag their tails for many reasons. It is believed that when dogs wag their tail, they convey a range of emotions. They may be happy, feeling threatened, nervous, anxious or excited.

Tilting their heads. Dogs tilt their head when we are talking to them or when they hear a loud noise. They are adjusting their outer ears to pinpoint the location of a noise or sound. Sometimes they tilt their heads to try to understand and hear what we are saying.

Moving their ears. Dogs move their ears to hear better and when they want to express emotions. A dog’s ears speak an emotional and very visual language which is easily read. The position and posture of their ears tells whether they are happy, curious, ill or afraid.

Butt-Sniffing. Dogs sniff butts as a way of greeting and to gather information. They sniff other dog’s butt to know its gender, reproductive status, temperament and much more. Through butt-sniffing, they can also remember scents and therefore determine whether or not he has met this particular dog before.

Dogs indeed are incredible and loveable animal. The ability to understand their body language will definitely form a strong bond between the dog owners and their beloved furbabies.

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