Reminding Myself

You are not weak and you can do it
You are pretty much inside and out
You are worthy enough and you’re matter
Don’t mind other’s thinking about you
You are not alone, don’t be scared
Cheer up and see the beauty of today
Feel the kiss of the sunshine
Put a smile on your face
Be a blessing to others
And touch their lives with your warm heart
Don’t be shy to show your true feelings
Stand up and be yourself
Life is too precious to waste
So avoid toxic people around you
Ignore them and walk straight
Surround yourself with good pals
Spend quality time with your loved ones
Be positive and open your mind
Face the challenges and hindrances
It’s fine to be hurt and fail sometimes
Just feel the pain and cry
It’s normal and part of your life
Then move on and stand again
Just continue and keep on trying
Walk on your path and fulfill your goals
You can achieve your dreams if you want to
Don’t look back for bad memories
Forgive but never forget
Learn from your failures and experiences
Keep yourself motivated and inspired
So you can be an inspiration to others
Receive and give love unconditionally
Don’t afraid to show your genuine heart
Share them your love and care
Laugh and live as long as you can
Enjoy life, you deserve to be happy
Stay free, explore and continue your journey.

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