Better Version of Me

While everybody in our neighborhood celebrates the feast of Immaculate Conception (an annual feast in our place celebrates every 8th of December), I was busy again in the kitchen covering the tiles in the counter with a new wallpaper. I even invited my friend to help me doing it. And it wasn’t the first time I spent time redesigning our kitchen. I’ve become more interested in doing repairs and fixing some areas of our house.

Before I sleep at night, I’m thinking what to fix the next day or what to arrange in the house or what to cook for lunch. And the fact that I begin to feel more excited about that thought is some kind of new to me. Now I’m thinking if this is like a sign of aging, as four months from now I’ll be turning forty.

I begin to notice some changes in my interests. My favorite videos to watch now are more of DIY (do-it-yourself) tutorials about fixing a broken furniture or how to make your kitchen looks good or how to cook some recipes. I spent more time browsing the internet looking for sample designs of curtains and beddings and other household items than visiting my social media accounts. I know to myself that I wasn’t acting weird or anything, everything is still normal. My mom and siblings also started to notice me doing the things I rarely or never did before.

These changes about my interests did not happened overnight. I just slowly felt being bored with my usual everyday activities. I begin wanting to try something new. Something that will occupy my mind and body to avoid being too stressed from problems. Maybe the pandemic, being in a lockdown and the past disaster I encountered greatly affect a part of being me. This is also the effect of me being out of focus in the past months, where I almost lost my track. My desire to get back put me in focusing myself in doing different activities.

The best part of these changes about me is being more positive and I become the better version of me. I’m proud of myself not only for getting back on track but also on giving myself the chance to accept the few changes which happened to me.

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