Safe Christmas

December is the most awaiting month for those who are celebrating Christmas holidays. In the Philippines, Christmas day is the biggest holiday to celebrate especially among children. As the saying goes, ‘Christmas is for children’. But many are wondering whether this year’s celebration of Christmas would be the same as before.

We are still in the middle of a global pandemic which made everybody’s life upside down. With everything that happened in this year, 2020 has already proved itself to be a difficult year. People who lose their business and jobs are still finding their ways to recover. However, Filipinos are one of the toughest and happiest people on earth. Whatever disasters and problems we may encounter, there’s still the sweet smile seen in our face.

The pandemic doesn’t have to ruin the most awaited celebration of Christmas season. There are lots of ways to celebrate Christmas safely without leaving our home. Though it may not be the same celebration we did in the past years, we can still have a meaningful and joyful holiday celebrations this year.

As many establishments like shopping malls are now reopened for the public with of course following health protocols, shoppers start to buy decors, gifts and foods for Christmas. However, there are many who still prefer to shop online to avoid going out in the crowd. Though Christmas party is still not allowed, a simple family dinner is a lot better. Exchanging gifts are also possible with online and delivery options. The traditional Christmas carolling usually done in the street where children and adults are going house to house in the neighborhood to sing Christmas songs in exchange of any amount or gifts, are also not allowed this year. Online Christmas carolling is an alternative, where carollers can still sing through video. Families can also attend the traditional mass without going to church as masses are also available to attend through online or in live telecast.

We don’t need to quit celebrating Christmas just to be safe from the virus. It might be a little different this year because of the new normal way, we should remember that love is the true meaning and the spirit of Christmas, that’s all that matters. And being still safe and alive is the best presents we could ever receive this year.

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