Underneath the shade of trees
Soaked with your falling tears
Leaves falling on the wet grass
Hoping for the storm to pass

I already feel cold and numb
Here waiting for the sun to come
I just want the warm breeze
To embrace me and feel at ease

Now I see the clear blue sky
And please tell me it’s not a lie
It shows me the glimpse of light
Shining on me oh so bright

I smell the scent of a lovely flower
And it’s like a pretty April shower
I will cherish this moment so tight
As I miss these wonderful sight

The butterflies flying with colors
And the birds singing in chorus
They’re all bring back the happy smile
Though it will takes only for a while

And in the distance not so far
I see the rainbow up in the sky
With its bright and soft hues
It’s a reminder of a hopeful views

That after the rain passes by
There’s always hope in the sky
I will enjoy the color bands
And stare the arch of color strands

I’ll treasure the moment before it’s stray
As rainbow won’t last and it fades away
But the promise of hope will always stay
Because God’s love us in every way.

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