You came like a thief in the middle of the night
Making the surrounding darker than ever
Stealing the warm deep sleep of everybody
Surprising with your unwelcome visit
Your heavy clouds filled with burden
Pouring your tears down on the saturated ground
The sound of your wind gets louder and louder
Swaying the trees, breaking its arms
There are flying roofs everywhere
Rivers overflow with your pouring rain
Covering every corner of the streets with fear
Hearing the helpless crying of the innocents
Drowning in your depth of anger
Sinking at the bottom of the cold hell
You are moving so fast as you could
Crashing the path where you passes
Making sure you have nothing to missed
You lashed out everything on your way
Without mercy, getting rid all of them
The day when you’re gone, nothing is left
But the debris of everything you crashed
And the lifeless of some who struggled in your rage
You made many to homeless, shivering and starving
You stole the happiness in the eyes of them
In just a night, you ruined everything
And it would take times to heal from pain
You left and yet your nightmare still remain
That one night, you’ll might come back and do it again.

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