The Typhoon Aftermath

Almost two weeks had passed and the effect of typhoon Vamco (Ulysses) still felt in various parts of Luzon where it caused severe flooding. Houses were almost submerged in floodwaters where people cried for help while stranded on their roofs. They were fighting for their lives and some unfortunately didn’t made it and drowned in a 15 meter-high floodwater. Aerial rescue were the only possible way to save those people from the top of their houses.

The streets of the hardest hit areas almost turned into rivers. It was expected to flood but not as high as 15 meters. Residents were caught by surprise and nobody anticipated the rose of floodwaters that fast. The flooding was partly blamed on the sudden released of water from some dams in Luzon and the lack of information from the authorities.

The typhoon were already gone but the wreak havoc continued not only for human victims but also to animals who also fight to save their own lives in this disaster. Dogs were also stuck on the roofs of their shelters and some fled from floodwaters with their beloved owner to save their lives. It’s really a heartbreaking sight, seeing some furbabies swam in the cold floodwater trying to find refuge. Fortunately, there were still goodhearted people ready to dedicate their lives to save these poor animals. On the other hand, there were still some owners who left their pet behind in the midst of typhoon, struggling.

As the floodwaters gradually recede, what’s left are mud and debris from the flood-damaged houses as well as the traumatic experienced of the flood victims. Thousands of families are still in evacuation centers waiting for help. It’s really difficult on their part knowing that nothing left on them back home.

This disaster made me realized that my family are still very blessed because the flood we experienced and the damages we got were just a bit compared to those who suffered the worst. I appreciate that we still have roof on our heads and clothes to wear and most importantly, we are all safe.

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