My Worst Experience with Typhoon Ulysses (Vamco)

This experience was my worst so far. It was almost 11pm of November 11 when typhoon Ulysses (Vamco) started to boast his strength in the Philippines, specifically in most parts of Luzon Island, including our province Bulacan. I barely slept that night because the sound of strong winds and heavy rains kept me awake. After a couple of hours, electricity cut off. That was the time I got up from bed to get a flashlight and checked my mom and my dog. My mom was already out from her room to also check the situation.

The wind continued to show off its strength almost uncover the roof our house. The first thing I did was to secure my dog inside as he’s already scared and confused. I put him up in the chair. Then, water started to rise outside our house. Since my siblings’ houses, which are just besides us, are with lower flooring, water started to enter inside. They quickly evacuate to our house. My little nephews were already crying because of the chaos. Me and mom secured some of our things in a higher place in our house. My sisters and brother also tried to save some of their things and brought them in our house. Unfortunately, we don’t have a second floor so we didn’t have a choice but to fit in everything in one area.

It was already dawn and the water level increases very fast and also started to enter inside our house. We observed the water level seriously because if it continue to increase, we have nowhere to go. Morning came and the water inside our house already reached 2 feet high and started to enter in our elevated rooms. Outside, water was almost 3 feet high. Thanks to my mom’s small grocery store, we have some supplies to use while we were trapped in floodwaters.

The main reason of flood was because the 3 dams in our province released water without any prior announcement made. They posted the notice in the social media that they open the gate of the dam to release water in the morning of November 12 and it’s too late. Our feet were already soaked in the cold floodwaters for many hours while heavy rains and strong winds continue to lash.

We were aware of the upcoming typhoon Ulysses, but we never expected the high level of floodwaters. It was the first time in 30 years we experienced that kind of flood. We never anticipated that water will enter inside our house. And we never expected also that the 3 dams will release water altogether at the same time.

There were many strong typhoons had passed but this was the only typhoon brought massive flood in our area and made us all scared for our life. It was really a traumatic experience for me and my family and for everybody who also experienced the worst.

On the 13th, Ulysses exited the Philippines leaving all of us suffering the aftermath. (to be continue)

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