Less Talk, Less Mistake

There is a saying that the more you talk, the more mistakes you commit. In other words, the less you talk, the less or fewer mistakes you commit.

Our tongue is like a sharp edge of sword, it could hurt feelings and kill a relationship. It has the capability to produce poisonous words, especially if we cannot control it anymore. Sometimes we tend to defend ourselves to others leading to an argument. There are opinions we want to express and discuss, but yet for others, it’s not acceptable. Each party tend to insists their own sides and opinions which contradict each other. And nobody wants to be lost, until the discussion becomes heated. The result would most likely leave a negative impressions on both party. Our mind tend to overcome with our emotion and convert those feelings with some hurtful words.

I personally admit that I am guilty. Guilty of reasoning out often and expressing what I feel without having a second thought, which sometimes I didn’t notice that I already thrown words I should’ve not said. So, I tend to hurt other people with my useless words. My mind get clouded with my feelings. I just realized my mistakes after, and the damage was already done. The words I already said cannot be taken back. Regrets are always at the end.

But now, I am trying to practiced to control my tongue and my emotions. I am learning to balance the art of talking and listening. Thinking a thousand times before speaking. Learning to listen to other’s sentiments and see things from their point of view. Quality words would lead to a good communication. I know it’s difficult to do so, but I am trying my best to deal with my own words. I think it’s a good way to start a conversation. Maybe if I talk less and listen more, I less likely to commit mistakes.

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