‘Just My Thoughts’

I helped my grade three nephew in his lesson in Science yesterday. He is currently enrolled in a public elementary school in our area where the mode of learning is through distance modular learning.

Every Monday, her Mom is picking up the self-learning modules from his teacher in the school and bring them back every Friday afternoon. He need to learn and answer all the activities in each module, which is one per subject. His teacher prepares three subjects every week to be accomplish.

The module is printed in black and white, stapled and with an average of twenty pages each. The lessons should be explained and discussed by parents or guardians of the child before answering the series of questions and activities. The students are not allowed to write their answers on the module itself, they need separate sheets of paper to write their answers.

It’s been only three weeks when the classes started and my nephew already consumed three pads of paper with a total of 300 sheets because of too many activities to answer. I was really shocked with that, I mean, is that how the modular learning going on here in our country?

On my calculations, my nephew will consume more or less four thousand sheets of paper for ten months of modular learning. That’s really a huge number. There are millions of enrolled students in the entire country this year who are also in modular learning.

I can’t imagine how many sheets of paper are needed to produce to supply the demands of all of these students. And how many trees are needed just to produce papers. Where on Earth these trees would be cutting down? I almost forgot the modules, which are also printed in paper.

I heard the news that the Department of Education allotted 20 billion pesos for printing of learning modules to be used this school year and they still proposed for an additional budget.

My point is, there’s allotted budget for learning modules, so why not allow the students write their answers on the module itself to avoid spending for sheets of paper. It can save millions of trees and conserve the forests.

Also, I was a teacher so I know there are plenty of books stocked up in the school’s storage. I don’t know why they didn’t distribute the books to the students so they can use it alongside with modules as additional learning materials. They could possibly lessen the production of modules by doing so.

While guiding my nephew doing his Science activities, I can’t help my self to wonder if there’s still a chance for our country’s education system to improve. If there is, I hope it will happen very soon.

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