5 Embarrassing Moments of my Life

We have moments in our life in which we’ve done some stupid things that made us embarrassed. Most of the times, these embarrassing experiences made us smile everytime we remembered them, or sometimes, we just want to totally erased them from our memory to forget our stupidity. For me, I opt to remember some of my most embarrassing stories I experienced so far in my life. So I collected 5 of these embarrassment from my memories that really made me feel awkward.

  1. When I was riding a bus from Manila to our province, I slept the whole trip. When the bus arrived at the terminal, the bus conductor wake me up and asked for my payment. I insisted that I already paid, so I left while the conductor and bus driver shaking their heads. When I arrived home, I found a money in my sweater’s pocket, the same amount of the bus fare. And then I realized that I really forgot to pay because I was very sleepy. I was too embarrassed on what happened. From then on, I always make sure that I am paid before sleeping on the bus and sometimes I never sleep at all.
  2. I was on the line waiting for MRT (Metro Rail Transit) and playing on my flat shoes. All of a sudden, my right shoe flip over and fell on the railways which is quite deep. As I was asking help from the security, the train was approaching. I was really in a hurry and decided to get in the train and forget my shoe. People were staring at me inside the train and I was only smiling. I was barefooted until I reached the shopping mall where I was working as a cashier. I just bought a pair of shoes before my duty. I learned my lesson starting then, to never play with my shoes near the railways.
  3. I attended a friend’s birthday party when I was in college and got a little drunk. I went home alone and stumbled on a carabao’s poop while walking in the grassy field close to our house. I didn’t know how to face my mom with that stinky poop on my school uniform. As my mom opened the door, she immediately covered her nose and shocked. I just said I accidentally fell. I was really ashamed but at the same time thankful because she didn’t smell the beer on me.
  4. I was eating in a fastfood chain with a friend. As my friend ordered in the counter, I went in the rest room. When I got out, my friend was there also need to use the rest room and she pointed out the table where she put our food. When I reached the table, there’s a number stand so it means our order wasn’t complete yet. I grabbed the chicken and took a bite because I was really hungry. Then a middle-aged man came claiming that it’s his food, and I was just staring at him while chewing the chicken on my mouth without any word. Some customers who heard the man looked at me. Thanks God, my friend arrived on time and saved my face. She grabbed my arm whispering at me that our food was on the next table, and she apologized to the man. I didn’t know how I swallowed the chicken on my mouth while saying sorry multiple times to the man. My friend just changed the chicken I already bit, while the man was just smiling. Remembering that embarrassing moment always put a smile on my face, especially whenever I eat chicken in that same fastfood chain.
  5. When I was a teacher in a public elementary school, our uniforms everyday were different. We have five sets of school uniform from Monday to Friday. I remember wearing my Tuesday uniform one Monday. I really forgot that it was Monday and wore the wrong uniform. The worst was, I came late in the school, where everybody was already on their feet for flag ceremony. As I entered the school gate, everybody looked at me. Then I realized I was wearing a wrong uniform when I saw my co-teachers. They teased me and told me that I was in a hurry to finish the weekdays. Instead of going back home to change, I just finished the day with embarrassment.

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