I am Grateful

It’s another Sunday’s best for me. I paused for a break and realized that I have a lot of things to be grateful in my life. So I decided to end my week by making a list of things I’m grateful for today and of course for everyday of my life. This may not the full list of all the things I appreciate in my life, but still the parts of everything I’m thankful of. Knowing that not everyone have the priviledge to experience the things that I have, therefore, having all these things in my life makes me the luckiest and richest person on Earth.

  1. my morning – thanks be to God, He still wakes me up everyday
  2. my family – for the unconditional love and for being always there through ups and downs
  3. my fiancé – for the love, care and understanding
  4. my friends – who always keep me company
  5. the word of God – for reminding me of His teachings
  6. the air I breathe – for making my life possible
  7. food on the table – for not feeling hungry and furnishing my energy
  8. my senses – to be able to see, hear, smell, taste and touch everything around me
  9. the clean water – for not feeling thirsty, for the warm bath and for cleaning everything with it
  10. my health – for keeping my immunity strong, keeping me functional and alive
  11. my mind – for my ability to think and learn
  12. the rain – for cooling off and showering my surroundings
  13. the sun – for keeping me warm and brightening my day
  14. the moon – for lightening my dark night
  15. my dog – for making me happy
  16. my source of income – for providing me my basic needs
  17. my home – for the roof over my head and a bed to sleep in
  18. my clothing – to keep me warm and look presentable
  19. my education – to be able to read, write and count
  20. my life – for my existence, for being me, for surviving everyday, for my past and present

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