6 Famous Filipino Street Foods Worth to Taste

Filipinos really love to eat, and I’m proudly one of them. When you walk out in the street here in the Philippines, most of the things you can probably see are the roadside stands selling a variety of street foods or vendors who sell foods while pushing a cart or just carrying them walking around the neighborhood or any public places. Street food is a ready to eat food or drink sold in the street. It is very common here in the country because it’s easy to eat, very affordable and can be found practically everywhere. In the past months, street vendors selling street foods are one of those who affected by the pandemic because the government freeze their operation temporarily for health protocols reason. But now that everything is slowly back to normal, I mean ‘new normal’, street foods starting to stand back again serving their specialties to those who misses them so much, like me.
Here, I will share some of the famous Filipino street foods worth to taste and of course some of my favorites too:

  1. Fishballs
    This famous street food are sold fried and served skewered. Different kinds of dipping sauces are also available: spicy, sweet, sweet and sour and sweet and spicy. Depends on the vendor what dipping sauces he’ll prepare for his fishballs. The more toasted and crunchy the fishballs are, the more delicious because it will absorb your preferred sauce and the taste is really good.
  1. Kwek-kwek
    This Filipino street food is made of hard boiled quail egg coated with an orange batter and then deep-fried until crispy. What’s more tasty when you eat kwek kwek is its crispiness on the outside and the softness on the inside. It is best to serve and eat with sweet and sour sauce, but still depends on your preference, as the vendor prepares variety of dipping sauces for you to enjoy. Just a reminder on your cholesterol level, so eat moderately.
  1. Isaw (chicken and pork intestine)
    Isaw is a Filipino slang for intestine of chicken or pork. It is made by cleaning thoroughly of the intestines then boiled in water seasoned with different flavorings until tender. It is then cut into shorter pieces, skewed and finally grilled over a hot charcoal. Street vendors have their own secret recipe for their isaw to make it more tender and flavorful. Eating it while still hot is much better with different choices of sauces to dip in, sweet and spicy vinegar is the best for me.
  1. Banana Cue
    This is one of the popular sweet snack food for Filipinos. It is a banana plantains deep fried with brown sugar. The sugar is caramelized until it covered the whole banana. It is served in a bamboo skewer. This street food is good for those who loves to eat sweets. One or two servings of banana cue would definitely filled your empty stomach.
  1. Binatog (boiled white corn kernels)
    This street food is popular during rainy season. It is made of boiled white corn kernels with grated coconut on top. You can mix it with sugar and milk or some preferred with a pinch of salt. Most vendors are selling binatog with their bicycle or modified motorcycle ringing their bell around the neighbrorhood. Now, they brought binatog inside of some shopping malls in kiosks.
  1. Taho
    It is made of silken/soft tofu mixed with sweet syrup and small sago pearls (similar to tapioca). Taho vendors can be seen walking around the street in the morning carrying the heavy stainless container shouting the word ‘taho’. In some places in the Philippines, they made their taho a variety of flavor, like in Baguio city, they have their own version of strawberry flavor taho.

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