5 Must-try Filipino Comfort Foods During Rainy Season

So it’s rainy season here in the Philippines. Almost everyday, rain downpour in different parts of the country. It’s uncomfortable to stay out because of flood, and of course the pandemic. And with this season, there comes only two things on my mind – sleep and eat. Rain makes me crave for some hot soup dishes that will comfort my tummy and satisfy my mood. Let me share some of the common Filipino comfort foods famous during rainy season.

  1. Sinigang
    This is a Filipino sour and savory soup dish made of pork, beef, shrimp or fish blended with crashed raw tamarind fruit (some uses guava). Vegetable such as water spinach, taro, tomato, string beans, eggplant, lady finger, radish and green chili are added to complete the package. It is more enticing when the meat is very tender and the soup is really sour. Sinigang is best when serve hot with steam rice. It will definitely make you feel good after tasting it, whether during rainy days or in summer.
  1. Chicken Arroz Caldo (Chicken rice porridge)
    A Filipino style congee, arroz caldo is made of rice and chicken infused with garlic and ginger flavor. A mixture of plain rice and glutinous rice makes the porridge thick and heavy. This is more appetizing when sprinkled with toasted garlic and put some slices of hard boiled egg and green onion on top.
  1. Chicken Sopas (Macaroni soup)
    This is typically made of macaroni pasta, shredded chicken, hotdogs, cabbage, carrots and evaporated milk. The creamy and hearty soup of Sopas will fill your stomach with joy. This comfort food will perfectly warm your tummy in an instant.
  1. Bulalo
    Bulalo is a beef soup dish known for it’s flavorful broth. It is made rich by cooking beef shanks and bone marrows for hours until the collagen and fat melted into clear broth. Vegetables like cabbage, potato, bokchoy and corn are added. Bulalo is perfect serve with warm rice and fish sauce with lemon or calamansi as your condiments. I bet you’re going to ask for more once you try it.
  1. Molo Soup/Pancit Molo (pork dumpling soup)
    This another soup dish is a Filipino version of the Chinese wonton soup, but with distinct Filipino flavor. Molo soup is made of pork dumplings, shredded chicken meat and shrimps. It is best to dig in with chopped green onion and toasted garlic on top. Without any reason, this is one of my favorite soup dish.

4 thoughts on “5 Must-try Filipino Comfort Foods During Rainy Season”

  1. You forgot Kansi. Im not from the south where the dish originated, but it has become my staple comfort food. Yes, all the items you mentioned above have become staple ulam, but when work becomes overwhelming, or when the weather isn’t cooperating, i usually go to JT’s manukan and order myself kansi. A hint, bring skyflakes, use it like croutons, then let the bad juju melt away.

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