My Simple Version of Kimbap (a Korean Dish)

my version of Kimbap

So today I decided to be a chef. Of course I’m just kidding! Actually one of the things I’m proud of myself is my love of cooking. I learned to cook because of my eldest sister who’s really good in cooking, and also because of youtube. Today I craved for my favorite Korean dish, Kimbap (Gimbap). Though a lot of Korean restaurant selling kimbap nearby our area, I want to make my own version of kimbap with a Filipino touch.

By the way, Kimbap is a popular Korean dish made with cooked rice and some ingredients that are rolled in a dried seaweed sheet. There are different types of kimbap and a variety of fillings are stuffed inside. For me, it is a great meal because rice, vegetables and meat are already comes in one a bite. It’s not the first time I’m making kimbap, I already did many times, tried pork, chicken, spam and tuna. This time I made beef tapa kimbap.

This is my simple version of kimbap, with only few ingredients, easy and affordable recipe.
Here are the ingredients I used:
½ carrot, julliene cut
½ cucumber, julliene cut
2 beaten eggs
¼ kg. marinated ready to cook Filipino Beef tapa (similar to beef jerky)
4 dried seaweed sheets
Cooked/steamed rice
Sesame oil
Sesame seed

Here’s how I made it:

  1. I cooked the beaten eggs in a pan, set aside and let it cool. Then I cut it in a long strips.
  2. I slightly cooked the carrot in the same pan.
  3. I cooked the beef tapa in the same pan until tender.
  4. I put the steamed rice in the same pan and mixed it with the left sauce from beef tapa. I seasoned it with salt and sesame oil and let it cool.
  5. I put the seaweed sheet on a bamboo mat and spread the rice evenly on top of it, leaving a short gap on each side.
  6. I placed a piece of carrot, cucumber, egg and the beef on the top of the rice, then roll it.
  7. After making all four pieces of kimbap, I brushed it with sesame oil. Then I cut it into bite size and sprinkle with some sesame seeds.

I know it’s not made perfectly because I only used the available ingredients I found in our refrigerator. And I bought the seaweed sheet in a nearby supermarket. But that’s how I made it, simple and easy and the best part, it satisfied my cravings. I will practice more and try to use variety of ingredients to make it more appealing and delicious. Until next time!

3 thoughts on “My Simple Version of Kimbap (a Korean Dish)”

    1. Thanks much too, the pleasure is mine 🙂 I’m just a newbie here & I’m glad I found your blog. btw, my fiance is also a Korean. I do hope I could relate from some of your posts, somehow 🙂 God Bless!


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