Just Sharing a Humorous Reality

Today I was busy looking for files of kindergarten lessons and activities from my old usb to be use as additional learning materials of my two nephews’ home schooling. As I searched from all my folders, I noticed a powerpoint presentation file titled ‘politics’. I remember, I used that presentation as an ice breaker during my speakership in a seminar for teachers in the school where I was teaching way back ten years ago. I decided to use it then because it’s related to my topic. It was the same presentation used by my former professor during my Master’s Degree year when he discussed to us about politics. I found it humorous and at the same time it’s the reality, so I just want to share it.

A son asked his father, ‘Dad, what is Politics?”
Dad said, “Look, I bring the money home, therefore I am the Capitalist.
Your mother administrates the money, therefore she is the Government.
Grandpa watches everything, therefore he is the Union.
Our housemaid is the Working Class.
We all want just one thing, your well-being. Therefore you are the People. And your little brother who is still in his nappy, is the Future.
“Did you understand that my son?”
The little ones thinks and tell his father he wanted to sleep it over for one night.
During the night, the boy wakes up because his younger brother produces something with an unbearable smell from his nappy and is crying. As he doesn’t know what to do, he goes into his parents’ bedroom. But there is only his mother on the bed and she’s in deep sleep that he doesn’t succeeded in waking her up. So he goes into the bedroom of their maid, and there he finds his father having fun with her, and his grandpa watching them secretly through the window. All of them are so engaged that they don’t realize that the boy is standing infront of them. So the boy decided to go back on his bed without having able to solve the problem.
Next morning the father asks his son if he is able to explain with a few words what Politics is.
“Yes”, the son replied.
The Capitalist abuses the Working Class,
the Union watches without doing anything,
while the Government sleeps,
the People are completely ignored,
and the Future is in the shit.
“That’s Politics, Dad”!

What a perfect representation!

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