My short Name…

Having a name is one of the gift we received from our parents when we were born. It is something we carry from birth until the day we die. Our name is our identity and greatest possession. It’s a wonderful feeling addressing us by others with our name without mistake.

My name is Chona, short and as simple as that. According to my mom, she gave that name to me because it’s the name of her favorite celebrity at the time when I was born. So, there’s no such unusual story behind the name my parents decided to give me. Before our youngest and only brother came to our family, I was the only one who have the shortest name, with only five letters. I thought that my sisters have better name than mine, Ana Belen, Elizabeth and Mayline, also single name but sounds appealing. And all of them have nicknames. When I started to go to school, most of my classmates have longer and more than one name which sounds good whenever our teacher doing a roll call. Until the time came that I was really glad that I have my name which is a bit unique, short, simple and easy to spell and to pronounce. I began to love and appreciate my name and my identity. I gradually saw and experienced the many advantages of having a short name like mine, and here are some of those:

  1. It’s easy for me to fit my full name in a paper during my school days especially in elementary without getting my hand hurts in writing.
  2. When filling up a form with boxes, I don’t need to worry about missing out a single letter on my name on each box. I can write my name in full without running out of box.
  3. I don’t need to spent longer time writing my name.
  4. When somebody over the phone ask my name, it’s easy for them to understand, no need repetition.
  5. It’s easy to spell. When I dictate my name, it’s less like to make a mistake whoever writing it.
  6. Since elementary days up to the present, I only encountered once with the same name as mine. I don’t know if my name is a bit unique or it’s just a coincidence.
  7. Other people less likely to mispronounce or misspell my name.
  8. I don’t need to have nickname or pet name nor needed to abbreviate my name because it’s just composed of only two syllables.

I know there’s also disadvantages having a short name, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore. My short name made my school life comfortable and easier and I’m really grateful for my parents giving me such name. When I was teaching, I saw the struggle of most of my students having a very long name, especially in writing practices. Some of them had difficulty fitting their names in the paper and some even misspelled their own names. And of course as a teacher, It’s also difficult in our part writing very long names, it consumed much time and effort. I don’t have a child yet, but I already decided long time ago that I’ll give my future child a short, unique and loveable name that he/she will love for a lifetime.

Do you love your name? What’s your story?

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