Walking alone in the busy street
I am lost again, without destination
Like in a maze full of confusing paths
I need to find my way out
But rain started to fall on my shoulder
I run as fast as the raindrops
People are rushing on their feet
Finding their own way back home
I stopped in one corner to hide myself
Now it’s quiet and empty
No more light guiding my way
I looked up and see the gray sky
The clouds are swaying with the wind
The birds flocking in the air
Its seems they sure where to go
I close my eyes and feel the rain
The cold drops wet my bare face
Kissing my cheek with a heavy breath
My tears suddenly flow like a river
I’m longing for the old days
The moment we held hands under the rain
Soaking me with your warm embrace
But now what’s left is the memory of yesterday
Flashes like the lightning, clear and fast
I open my eyes, woke up in my senses
This journey isn’t over yet, I need to come home
Though rain continue to downpour on me
Even my feet touches the muddy soil
I’ll never get tired finding my way
When all the light turns back on me
I’ll continue my race with raindrops
Passing any obstacle showering my path
I still keep on running without you by my side
Until I see the end of my maze
Even I fall for a thousand times
I will bear the pain and get up
Even I die and live again
I will wait for the sun to smile at me
As the emptiness filled with bright blue sky
Until the storm calm it’s soul
And bring back the happiness in my heart
Like the rainbow after each rain
I promise I’ll be home soon
Wait for me, after the rain is over.

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